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New Mexico State Senator George Muñoz District 4

Senator George Muñoz, New Mexico Senate District 4

New Mexico
George Muñoz

Working For YOU!
And For Your FAMILY!

Senator George Muñoz, New Mexico Senate District 4

Working For YOU!
And For Your FAMILY!

About Me

New Mexico Senator George Muñoz and Family

Since 2009, I've had the honor of representing Gallup and its surrounding areas as State Senator for New Mexico Senate District 4 that includes Cibola, McKinley & San Juan counties. I'm truly grateful for all the support I've received across our district and proud of what we've accomplished together in the past fifteen years. I'm running for re-election because I'm eager to keep working on important laws that will further improve our communities in Senate District 4.

A major part of my work has been to ensure that our rural hospitals, like Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital in our district, stay open. Without our efforts, this vital hospital would have shut down. Ensuring that everyone has access to healthcare is a top priority for me and I will continue to pursue avenues that expand our healthcare in McKinley and Cibola County.

I originally ran for office because I believed we could create a better future for our children. I've always felt a strong duty to serve the place where I grew up and where my wife and I chose to raise our two boys. Watching them learn about the importance of service, sacrifice, compromise, and respect in the legislature has been incredibly rewarding. They've come to understand why it's vital for leaders to prioritize the needs of others over their own.

I humbly ask for your vote and support in the upcoming election on June 4th, 2024.

My dedication to public service is heavily inspired by my father, the late Eddie Muñoz. When he was Mayor of Gallup, he walked all the way to Santa Fe to advocate for stronger laws against drunk driving and the closure of drive-up liquor windows. His commitment to our community made a deep impact on me. He taught me to listen to the people of our community and stand up for what is right for the constituents in our part of the state. 

It's the values of hard work, loyalty, and pride in our community, instilled by my parents and the people of Gallup, that drive me to run for re-election. As a Senior Senator, I have a strong voice and have become a leader in the New Mexico State Senate. Over the next few months, I look forward to traveling around the district to discuss the issues and concerns that are important to you.

Delivering for
Cibola, McKinley & San Juan

SAVED 11 rural hospitals from closure

INCREASED salaries for State Employees, Educators, and State Police

IMPROVED mental health funding by $230 million

SECURED $780 million for road repairs

FUNDED hiring and retention efforts for more police officers and fire fighters

INCREASED Medicaid rates to improve health care access

George's Priorities for Cibola, McKinley & San Juan


My father always told me that education is the one thing that no one can take from you. With this guiding principle in mind, I am deeply committed to advocating for enhanced funding for our schools and educators. Our educators and educational institutions are not just part of our community—they are the architects of our future. By investing in them, we are investing in the leaders of tomorrow. I will tirelessly work to ensure that they have the resources they need to nurture and empower the next generation.


I am committed to ensuring that small businesses in Senate District 4 have all the resources they need to expand and succeed. Small businesses are crucial to our economy. You can count on me to always fight and advocate for the interests and growth of small businesses. It's essential for our community's prosperity, and I'm here to support that every step of the way.


Healthcare means economic stability for families, so I fought to increase Medicaid reimbursement rates. This ensured our at risk rural hospitals remain open to save lives. Accessible healthcare facilities are crucial for our community, supporting our health and jobs. I am committed to continuing this fight for quality healthcare for all. Our community's future depends on it.


Jobs are a top priority, so I took a firm stand to keep the Grants prison operational by halting the prison closure bill. The jobs provided by this facility are vital to our community. They support our local economy and ensure the stability and well-being of numerous families in Grants. I am dedicated to continuing this fight and preserving these essential jobs. Our community depends on it, and I am committed to ensuring that these employment opportunities remain a robust part of our future.


“Over the last four years, we have seen teachers’ salaries increase, all students receive free meals, and our schools have the resources needed to provide a good education.  I support Senator George Munoz, a proven leader in our state."
- Kevin Bates, New Mexico Social Studies Teacher
“As a teacher in the state of New Mexico, I support Senator Munoz because he has always been supportive of educators and continuously works to ensure that New Mexico teachers have been given raises comparable with neighboring states."
- Michelle Ferguson, New Mexico 1st Grade Teacher
“It was Senator Muñoz’s determined leadership for rural healthcare that made the difference and rescued hospitals in Cibola and six other counties. We are grateful to him."
- New Mexico Lt. Governor Howie Morales

Working For You!


$9 million to support Cibola General Hospital in Grants! Increased healthcare provider rates to 150% of Medicare rates so that we can keep our doctors in our communities!


$300 million to the Conservation Legacy Fund to preserve our natural environment!


$60 million for bridge on I-40 and $3 million for county bridges in our district! $7 million plus for wastewater improvements for Milan, Bluewater, Grants and Gallup!

The Zia Sun Symbol

Mental Health

$700 thousand for suicide prevention and mental health services for veterans in Cibola and McKinley Counties!

Domestic Violence Prevention and Services

$6 million for Northwest Domestic Violence Victim Services!


$4 million for UNM Gallup Gurley Hall, $20 million for tribal education initiatives for higher education!

Constituent Services Intake Form District 4

For Senator Muñoz, helping people in their darkest hours is the most rewarding aspect of his job and fuels his perseverance as he fights for New Mexico's future. From assisting with veteran services and Medicaid to navigating healthcare and food assistance, the Senator wears many hats when supporting his constituents. Complete the form to be directed to the Chief Clerk’s office, where you will receive guidance on connecting with the appropriate department or agency for your needs. This streamlined process ensures efficient and effective support for those seeking assistance from New Mexico State Senator Muñoz.


New Mexico Voting Info

Early Voting and Absentee Voting Information

Early Voting and Absentee Voting Information

Take action today and vote for George to represent you in the NM State Legislature!

Primary Election Day Voting Centers

Primary Election Day Voting Centers

Don't forget to vote for George on Tuesday June 4th! Polls are open from 7 am to 7 pm.

PO Box 2679
Gallup, NM 87305

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