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State Senator George Muñoz: Championing Essential Services for District 4

Updated: May 30

New Mexico State Senator George Muñoz secured an impressive $29 million in funding for Essential Services in 2024

Improving Infrastructure & Quality of Life Means Jobs

New Mexico State Senator George Muñoz secured an impressive $29 million in funding for Essential Services in 2024, enhancing his constituents' quality of life, health, and economic stability. Senator Muñoz focuses on what matters most to his community:

  • Creating Jobs

  • Keeping Us Healthy

  • Helping Domestic Violence Victims

  • Protecting Our Environment & Tourism

Essential Services are the fundamental and vital needs that everyone in the community depends on. Clean water and a clean environment directly support existing businesses, attract new ones and foster tourism. 

  1. $5 million for Safe Housing

  2. $7.5 million for Water Supply Infrastructure in Gallup

  3. $5 million for Sewer and Water Treatment in Grants

  4. $1.5 million for Wastewater Upgrades in Milan

  5. $3 million for Water Purification in Gallup

  6. $7 million for Water Distribution in Milan

"Senator Munoz has made monumental strides for New Mexico. He secured an impressive $780 million for road repairs and $700 million in mental health funding. His commitment to public safety is unwavering, demonstrated by his efforts in hiring and retaining more police officers and firefighters, as well as providing them with the critical equipment and funding they need." - New Mexico Lt. Governor Howie Morales

Vote June 4th for Senator George Muñoz A Proven Leader for Our Community.

Keeping and attracting jobs in New Mexico
"Ensuring our community has access to reliable infrastructure and support services is a top priority. This funding will not only protect public health and the environment but also create good-paying jobs and drive economic growth." - New Mexico State Senator George Muñoz

A Leader with Integrity, Fighting for Our Community.

Senator Muñoz is dedicated to improving our community and ensuring our voices are heard in the state capital. He fights tirelessly for our well-being and prosperity.

Transitional Housing and Shelter Facilities:

$5 million for victims of domestic violence in Northwest New Mexico.

  • What It Does: Provides safe and supportive housing, allowing victims to rebuild their lives.

  • Impact: Strengthens community support systems and promotes social stability.

Water Supply Infrastructure in Gallup:

$7.5 million will be used to replace lead pipes and improve water infrastructure.

  • What It Does: Eliminates lead contamination, ensuring clean and safe drinking water.

  • Impact: Protects public health, especially brain development in children.

Lead pipes cause lead poisoning in children, leading to brain damage, developmental delays, and learning difficulties.

Sewer and Water Treatment in Grants:

$5 million for enhancing treatment facilities.

  • What It Does: Improves efficiency and capacity, reducing health risks associated with poor water quality and outdated infrastructure.

  • Impact: Prevents waterborne diseases, maintaining community health.

Wastewater System Improvements in Milan:

$1.5 million for critical upgrades.

  • What It Does: Enhances waste management, reducing contamination risks.

  • Impact: Protects public health and the environment, supporting sustainable growth.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant in Gallup:

$3 million for high-quality drinking water.

  • What It Does: Removes impurities and contaminants from the water supply, ensuring safe and clean drinking water for the community. It is a crucial component of the Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project.

  • Impact: Gallup, along with the eastern section of the Navajo Nation and the southwestern portion of the Jicarilla Apache Nation, currently relies on a rapidly depleting groundwater supply of poor quality and inadequate to meet current and future demands. This project will ensure access to clean drinking water, which is essential for public health and a critical economic development factor.

Pump Station in Milan:

$7 million for reliable water distribution.

  • What It Does: Ensures consistent water pressure and availability for homes and businesses.

  • Impact: Supports local businesses and agricultural activities, fostering economic stability that creates good-paying jobs.

What are Appropriation Bills?

Appropriation Bills secure funding for essential services and projects you care about. They ensure our community has the infrastructure, healthcare, and education needed for a better future.

Looking Towards the Future: Education from Cradle to Career

Senator Munoz has consistently put children's education first. He is currently working on finding the best path forward to ensure our K-12 schools are properly funded.

“Over the last four years, we have seen teachers’ salaries increase, all students receive free meals, and our schools have the resources needed to provide a good education.  I support Senator George Munoz, a proven leader in our state. - Kevin Bates, New Mexico Social Studies Teacher

A bright economic future means a smart workforce. He supports New Mexico’s own Be Pro Be Proud NM (BPBPNM) initiative, which is leading the movement to bring a new generation of pride, progress, and professionals to North America’s skilled workforce.

"I want every kid to have the opportunity to see this (the Be Pro Be Proud NM Initiative). That's the most important thing is that we give those kids a pathway..." - New Mexico State Senator George Muñoz

Vote for Senator George Muñoz June 4th – A Proven Leader for Cibola County


New Mexico Voting Info

Early Voting and Absentee Voting Information

Early Voting and Absentee Voting Information

Take action today and vote for George to represent you in the NM State Legislature!

Primary Election Day Voting Centers

Primary Election Day Voting Centers

Don't forget to vote for George on Tuesday June 4th! Polls are open from 7 am to 7 pm.

PO Box 2679
Gallup, NM 87305

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